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Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if I receive the outfit and I notice it has a rip or is slightly damaged before I wear it?

What happens if I damage the outfit, but it can be fixed?

What happens if I damage the item and is not able to be fixed?

Shipping & Postage

How much is shipping and when will my item be shipped?

If I pick up and drop off the item after using it will there be a postage charge

What happens if my parcel goes missing but it says delivered ?

Trying On

Can I try the item on before purchasing?

Can I try my hire outfit on?

Can La Robe Hire post an item so I can try it on?

What if my outfit doesn't fit?

Hire Period

What is the hire period once the item has been purchased?

Returning Your Outfit

What if I don’t wear the garment that I hired?

How much is dry cleaning?

Can I get the item dry cleaned?

What if I am dropping off the outfit?

What if i'm late in returning my item?

What if I lose my return postage satchel?

How do I return my outfit?


What if I need to cancel my order?