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Damage or Lost Items

You are required to tell La Robe Hire if any damages occur during the time you have had the item and you will be asked to pay for the repair cost.

If the item is damaged beyond repair you must pay 120% of the RRP to compensate for the loss. The item is only to be used by one person. Please be cautious when wearing spray tans in the garments as they may result in stains. Please do not smoke whilst wearing your garment as this is highly likely to result in damage to the garment.

If the dress gets lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, whether or not such loss, theft, or damage is attributable to any negligence, failure, or omission of the User then the User will be liable to pay 120% of the RRP stated at the item description at La Robe Hire website (or if no RRP stated, the general RRP by the designer) minus late fees that the User has already paid OR replace the item in immaculate/new condition within 7 days.